by Electronic Grind



This is a the first but not last EP from the duo Andrea Cadamuro & Francesco Pradolin a.k.a ASSIOMA. As we can feel on the release that these Italian dudes are not here to play around. All the 3 tracks are a serious collection of a new way of writing psygressive music. You definitely will listen to some influence from their other projects on these tunes, so therefore with this blended of styles you will be pleased with the wicked leads, metallic sounds and very wise drum works on the arrangement while the bassline will fuck you up. If you are serious about playing psygressive music this can't be missing in your case!


released April 26, 2012

Track 1 mastered by Subsequent Mastering Studio, UK
Tracks 2 & 3 mastered by Centauro @ Alcatrance Studios, UK
Artwork by Bruno Azalim




Uroboros Records Minas Gerais, Brazil

Uroboros is a symbol for the eternity, the infinite. Symbolized by a snake biting its own tail, it represents the evolution cycle, the movement and continuity. It is based on this concept that Uroboros Records grew up on the psychedelic trance scene, bringing fresh ideas to an entire musical genre. ... more

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