Imperial Catharsis

by Alchemy Circle



Catharsis is the psychoanalytic method to eliminate mental disorders, nervous excitement, tension and anguish, causing an emotional outburst based on past events that are linked to those disturbances.
The term comes from the Greek "katharsis" and represents the state of psychic liberation that man experiences when he can overcome some trauma such as fear, oppression or another mental disorders. Through therapies such hypnosis or regression, it can redeem the memories that caused the trauma, leading the individual to achieve different emotions that can lead to healing and cleansing or relief from emotional tensions, especially through some art fields as the music.
The higher duo of Alchemy Circle created an unknown sensory method through his music to present a new experience on his first EP by Uroboros Records.
Check it out and discover the experience of Imperial Catharsis.


released March 15, 2016

Track 1 & 3, W. and P. by Caio Wandalsen e Ciro Santana Mendes, Brazil.
Track 2, W. and P. by Nikroma Aragon, U.S.A, Remixed by Caio Wandalsen e Ciro Santana Mendes, Brazil.

Mastered by Simon Neumann, Germany
Artwork by Gahara, Vicente gomes.



all rights reserved


Uroboros Records Minas Gerais, Brazil

Uroboros is a symbol for the eternity, the infinite. Symbolized by a snake biting its own tail, it represents the evolution cycle, the movement and continuity. It is based on this concept that Uroboros Records grew up on the psychedelic trance scene, bringing fresh ideas to an entire musical genre. ... more

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