Modern Info Processing

by Divine Source



Modern Info Processing is the debut release by Divine Source (Itamar Zommer), a globetrotting Israeli psytrance producer and affiliate of Uroboros Records, Brazil. Divine Source seeks to capture the feel of the night-time outdoor vibe by producing something in between minimal progressive and darkpsy with plenty of room in his arrangements. Expect to hear spacey atmospheric sounds, fat bass lines, twisted effects, and mechanical rhythms that are also somehow organic and alive.

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released June 9, 2011

Tracks 1 and 3 mastered by Robert Hundt @ Antilogic Studio, Berlin; track 2 mastered by Udi Sternberg @ Basement Studio, Israel.
Artwork by Bruno Azalim.




Uroboros Records Minas Gerais, Brazil

Uroboros is a symbol for the eternity, the infinite. Symbolized by a snake biting its own tail, it represents the evolution cycle, the movement and continuity. It is based on this concept that Uroboros Records grew up on the psychedelic trance scene, bringing fresh ideas to an entire musical genre. ... more

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